Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 17 August 2017 YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th August 2017 Written Update, YRKKH 17 August 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 August 2017 episode starts with Naira Open Diary and she turns the pages but she doesn’t find anything. Dadi had torn that paper, Dadi is saying sorry that she has to be a part of all of this.

Love-Kush call Rajshree That They are coming Over There Because You Make So Many Things. Rajshree replies that You Stay there I will Send from Here. Bhabhi maa and Rajshree Discuss about Dadi Bua’s turn up like positive. Rukmani and Dadi Bua came Back and inform about the puja.

Divyani and rajshree Say that we will Reach temple too But Dadi bua Says That You Don’t need To come Its Small Pooja After Little Argument All Agree That Only Dadi Bua Will be At Temple for Pooja  At the Goenka House, Kartik comes to Room and Says To Naira That You didn’t did my Work You Do every Person work in House But he continues His Drama That You don’t Care For me. She asks what’s your work. He tells her to keep the smile on her face. He tells her that this is your work as when your mood is off, his world also gets collapsed. She Smiles over this

She says sorry. He tells that he understand that she is responsible for both the house’s happiness. She teases him that you are alien that no one in this Planet Love his Wife Like You. He Teases her Back that I made for You and You are for me. They About To Kiss But Keerti comes and Says Sorry I should Knock But naira Says Come Inside Kartik Sulks and leaves from there. Keerti tells sorry for spoiling her beautiful moments. She says I will Equal up my  score soon. She takes him downstairs because Jeweller has arrived.

Meanwhile at Singhania House Rukamani is Taunting Them Over Jewellery But karisham Gives her Earful But Dadi Bua jumps in their argument.

At Goenka House, ladies are selecting Their Jewellery But they  Are Asking Their Husband and they are giving their Suggestion By Signalling them. Dadi is Seeing All This and she teases them that If husbands have selected Their wives jewellery told me me and they all are embarrassed. Jewellers Informs That Your Clan’s Necklace has come from Polish and He Gives That to Suwarna Kartik looks at Necklace and he comes to Suwarna and Snatch from her Hand. Naira comes u. Kartik shouts on Dadi that I told you not to give My Mother’s anything to This Lady But You Gave her. Dadi Says that it was locked inside the locker. He Says You can Give this to Naira or Keerti Why You Gave her Manish tries to Interfere But Kartik Shouts On Him But naira Says kartik She gave it for Keerti

Dadi too Supports Naira Kartik comes to Naira and Gives her Kartik Looks at Suwarna and Says Sorry. Naira comes to Manish and Gives him and Says You both Give This to Keerti di by Your hands. Suwarna and Manish Give That To Keerti who gets Emotional and She Hugs Both

Naira comes to Room Where Kartik is watching his Mother’s pic Naira Hugs Him from Behind who Says Sorry to Her and Says You are Right some time I Said without even thinking Naira Says its Okay Sometime Its happened we lost Our Sense He Says is Keerti Angry She says No she understands. Naira About to say something and he Says I can read Your Thought and I wont do this again.

She Hugs Him and make him Sit on Bed and She takes His Mother’s Photo frame and Keep It On Table and She Makes Him Drink water and he Puts His head on Her lap and she caresses His hair

In the night, Dadi bua wakes up Rukmani and she is scared. Rukmani ask what are you doing. Dadi bua shares her fear that if someone finds out what will happen? Rukmani says we will convince them that we are doing for keerti’s Sake And Dadi bua Understands and Rukmani tells her to Leave

In the Morning, Keerti is Ready and Everyone teasing her. Keerti Says I am Happy that Bua Dadi kept Pooja for me. Dadi comes and Kisses her Forehead and says No Go and Follow their Instruction Keep this Things for Pooja and if this Pooja happenes without any Trouble You will be happy in Your Marriage Life Naira Seems Something Fishy Keerti while Going Drop something and dadi Rushes to her and Says I told You to be careful. Naira Sees Almonds garland and she thinks something.

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Naira is Sensing Something wrong There At Temple Keertiis Sitting and Pandit is Saying to Dadi bua that Now take this Shuddikaran Water and dadi is about to Pour water on Keerti But Naira throw the Pot from her Hand

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