Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 24 April 2017 YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th April 2017 YRKKH 24 April 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24.04.2017 episode starts with ladies praising Naira. Dadi asks them to do ghat, we will come. Lady asks are you waiting for Kartik, he can come there directly. Dadi says yes, he will come. Reporter asks will we get Kartik and Naira’s pics. Dadi says yes, you can wait at ghat. Kirti tells Naira that everything will be managed. Lav and Kush tell Mishti that Naira and Kartik do not stay here, they stay in different house. Mishti talks to Lav and Kush and does not believe them. She says you are trying to fool me.

Aditya asks Kirti about Kartik, is everything fine,  Naitik is here, so is Kartik managing his office work. Naksh says I will call him. Naira says no. Aditya taunts on Kartik who is not here to welcome his inlaws. Naitik asks Naira what’s the matter. Aditya asks is there any

 fight. Naira says no, there is no fight, else we would have solved, you don’t need to worry Aditya. Naitik and Naksh ask Naira to say. Mishti says I will say what happened, Naira and Kartik don’t stay in this house now. They get shocked. Mishti says Lav and Kush told me that Kartik and Naira left home by some fight in house on pagphere day. Naksh asks what, you told me that day there is no problem. Aditya says now you all understand. Dadi asks them did they not know this. Devyaani says no. Dadi says you can ask them after puja, we are getting late. She asks Naira to come. They all leave for puja. Naira sees herself in mirror and says I can see same reflection in all mirrors, Kartik, Maayka and Sasural are not with me, I maybe left alone. She goes for Gangaur puja. Dadi says people will talk and ruin our respect, if Kartik does not come.

Naira says Kartik and I will do puja together, else I won’t do this puja. He stumbles. Naksh holds her. He looks annoyed and goes. Naira prays to Lord. Kartik comes and asks her to come. She gets glad seeing Kartik. He smiles seeing the idol she made. Naira says I did not wish to hurt your heart, I thought of family emotions and thought of their trouble, I was right, everyone was asking about you, what would family answer them. She says I have made you annoyed, I should have found some way. He holds her hand and says I m not annoyed, else I would have not come here, I m not lying, you have hurt me just for some time, I understood you. She thanks him and says I thought a lot to go or not, what will family think, what would I explain people that we got away from house and hearts. He says no, we have to maintain boundaries, if we meet so often, what’s the use to stay away, this can affect our relation, we won’t talk about this, we came to save our family from becoming a news, I m sorry, we have to tell truth to your family, its good you met them here else…. She says they got to know.

Kirti says Kartik has come. Dadi and everyone get happy. Yeh rishta kya….plays………. Dadi blesses Kartik and hugs him. Manish smiles. Kartik apologizes that they had to wait. He meets everyone. Reporter says we thought you won’t come. Kartik asks what are you saying, its my wife’s first Gangaur, you know my family, they are so traditional, I can’t hurt them, I had to come. Dadi asks them to come for puja.

Kartik says one thing is true, its first Gangaur of my lovely wife. Naira smiles. Yeh rishta….plays……… Kartik meets Akhilesh and hugs him. He meets Naitik and Naksh and goes. Manish looks on. Kartik meets kids and asks them not to be sad, such steps are needed to balance relations, if things get fine by getting away, what’s wrong, you all trust me and Naira that we can never go against family, whatever happens. He asks Naitik to trust him, Naira did not take me there, I went there by my wish, sorry this is truth, I promised to keep Naira happy, I m fulfilling it.

Naitik says Naira is lucky that you care for her happiness, but others… Kartik says no, I thought well. Naitik says I wish you both always stay happy. He hugs Kartik. Naira says don’t misunderstand us, we had a reason to… Bhabhimaa says we knew there will be some reason. Naira says we will go back soon, trust me, give me some time. Devyaani says we trust you and Kartik.

They all dance. Pyaar miljaye…..plays…………Kartik smiles seeing Naira. The ladies go near the lake and do the Gangaur puja.

Precap: Naira thinks Kartik’s heart is like this shadow, it will spoil when I try to touch it. Aditya and Naksh hear Akhilesh saying Mansi wanted to tell everyone that she did Akshara’s accident.                                                

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