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Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 07 September 2020 update: Mishti leaves Abir and Rajvansh family

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke written update: Meenakshi and Abir get into ugly argument

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke (YRHPK) on Star Plus. Rajhsri gives a right direction to Abir when she suggests him to adopt a child. Abir thinks that adoption is a good options for parents who cannot have their own kids. He thinks to adopt many kids and set up his own cricket team.

Mishti decides to leave Rajvansh house. She hugs Kuhu before leaving. Kuhu has no idea that Mishti is leaving the house. Mishti asks her to book a ca and Kuhu helps her. Abir comes back home and nearly misses Mishti leaving home. He finds her cupboard empty and gets much tensed. Kunal tells him that he had seen Mishti packing the bags but he thought that they kght be sfiting together. Kuhu also tells him that he had booked a cab for Mishti.

Abir calls Mishti but cannot reach her. He realizes that Mishti has gone away from him and does nor want to be traced. Meenakshi tells Abir Mishti took the right decision and pleased her, Mishti loves Abir and have sacrificed her love for his happiness. She admits that she has influenced Mishti to make this sacrifice.

Abir get much broken and upset. He confronts Meenakshi. She tells him that Mishti has taken a right decision and made her happy. She tells him that Mishti loves him and has made a sacrifice for him. Abir gets disgusted with Meenkashi’s selfishness and being unapologetic or realizing her mistake.

They get into a heated argument. He asks her if she is now planning to getting him remarried. Meenakshi agrees. He tells Meenakshi that it is good that Mishti cannot be a mother, if mothers’ have to be selfish like her.

Mishti is in much pain and cries thinking about Abir. She dreams of a happy life with Abir but sheds tears knowing it will now never become reality.

Abir calls Vishamber to check about Mishti and does not tell him that Mishti is missing. Vishamber feels something is wrong and asks Rajshri and Varsha to find out about Mishti. They call Rajvansh family landline and find out that Mishti is missing. Rajshri faints due to tension.

Abir decides to find Mishti and bring back home. Meenakshi fixes Abir’s marriage. Abir rebels against her and they get into a big fight. Vishamber meets Meenakshi and warns to get her arrested.

Soon, Abir will bring Mishti back home. But Meenakshi would oppose them. She would agree to accept Mishti by suggesting surrogacy option to Abir and Mishti.

As seen in the latest promo, Mishti would request Kuhu to become the surrogate mother of her child. Kuhu will outright deny her.

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