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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke spoilers: Abir decides to part ways with family

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke upcoming twists: Mishti blamed of being a family breaker

Fans of Star Plus popular serial Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (YRHPK) will have to gear up for some high voltage drama and big twists in the coming episodes!

It would be seen that Abir tells Msihti to write a letter to the dead guy’s (Karan) family and seek forgiveness. Mishti writes the letter and feels relieved after writing abut her grief and regret in the letter. She asks Abir to give the letter to the dead guy’s while being unaware that Varun is the dead guy’s (Karan) brother.

Mishti gets involved in Ketki’s wedding preparations. Meenkashi gets happy to see this. Abir hides from the family and rushes to burn the Mishti’s letter. Nidhi asks Mishti is she has given wedding cards to Abir. Mishti rushes to give them to Abir. She finds him burning the letter and hurt that he has burnt all her feelings. She still chooses to trust his decision and decides to find out why is Abir hiding from her.

Abir gets a call from Varun to help him choose his wedding Sherwani. Abir meets him. Karan talks about his brother Karan’s death. Abir tries to avoid the topic. But Varun continues to talk about his brother’s death and says that he wants to gets the murderer punished. Abir tries to tell Varun that may be Karan would have done something wrong too. Varun jokingly vents out his ill feelings on Abir. However, Abir still thinks that Karan does not know the truth about Mishti killing his brother.

Mishti tries to find out details about Karan’s family. She goes to Abir’s NGO. Kuhu follows her. She gets to know that Mishti is hiding something. She comes back home and tells Meenakshi about Mishti hiding a secret from them. Jasmet and Kuhu steal the wedding invites and blame Mishti of losing them. Meenakshi confronts Mishti for taking ketki’s wedding so lightly. She blames Mishti of keeping Abir away from the wedding by keeping him busy with her illness drama.

Abir comes home and tells Mishti that he has given her letter to the dead guy’s family, Meenakshi overhears their conversation but is unable to understand much. She decides to question them. Meenakshi blames Mishti of snatching Abir away from them. She asks her to tell her what are they hiding. iShe yells at Mishti for ruining their happiness. Mishti breaks down with all the allegations.

Abir comes in support of Mishti. He asks his family stop insulting Mishti as she is not well.. Meenakshi gets furious with Abir siding Mishti like always. She asks both of them to stay away from the wedding, if they have no interest.

Meenakshi gets to know that Abir has booked his tickets and is leaving before Ketki’s marriage. This leaves everyone shocked. Abir takes this decision to protect Mishti. He knows that no one will understand Mishti’s unintentional crimes as they have no proofs. He knows that Ketki’s marriage will suffer if the truth comes out. He thinks its better to leave the house and get away from all the troubles. Abir and Meenakshi get into a ugly argument.

Mishti tells Meenakshi that she didn’t know Abir’s decision but nobody believes her. She gets blamed of breaking up the family. Abir tries to tell her the reason behind his decision.

Soon, Mishti will get caught by Varun. Varun will cancel his marriage with Ketki.

Keep reading this space for latest news and gossips of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke.


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