Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 29 September 2017 Written Episode YUDKBH Written Update

Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 29th September 2017 Written Update, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Hai Written Episode 29 September 2017

Today’s (29.09.2017) Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai (YUDKBH) episode starts with Rakesh tells Naina to tell Sameer that she does not want to teach him, Naina says yes, Sameer is upset, Rakesh tells Naina to go back home, he tells Sameer that don’t you again try to influence my daughter to help you in your studies, you would be a rich guy and you are proud of your wealth, but let me tell you my son will be become the head boy of this school, you will loose to him, your Nana is trustee of this school, doesn’t mean you have owned this school, Naina is felling sad hearing this.

Sameer tells Rakesh that he thinks that all rich kids are spoilt brats but i will win the head boy selection on my merit. He says my yes my nana is a rich and busy man and that why i don’t want to disturb him, i can win head boy election on my own, i will show it to you. Rakesh leaves. Sameer’s cousin shouts behind his back that Sameer you will only become Head Boy as even if you lose in studies, you will win the match as you have such a nice bat that the ball would hit and hit the boundary. Rakesh is tensed.

Naina reaches her building lobby and parks her cycle. Her friend (with whom she takes love advice as by telling her won story as Kavita) stops her and asks her what happened about your extra classes, Naina is sad and says nothing. Her friend asks her to share her problem, Naina tells her problems as Kavita. Her friends tells hers that this is a big problem but your fake Kavita can do what is more important now, she can give her love the confidence he needs. Naina is shocked, FB is shown how her friends knows that Naina is not saying Kavita’s love story but her own. Naina asks her to swear on her mother and not to tell anyone about her love story. He friend swear and suggests her to boost Sameer’s confidence.

Rakesh goes to his elder brother (Tauji) and asks for Rs. 5000/- as he he has buy new cricket set for his son Arjun, Taiji overhears this and taunts him over unnecessary spending and how her husband is taking care of house etc etc, Rakesh says i am not talking to you, Tauji says if your son is talented he can win the match with his old bat, i do not approve of this expense. Rakesh is upset.

Naina sees cassettes to find a song to boost sameer’s confidence and finds one suitable, she takes with her, Her Chachi finds her late in the night and tells her not to stay awke so late for studies as light bill would increase. Naina goes to her room, After some time she comes out and dials Sameer’s number, Sameer is with his friends and picks up the phone…Zindagi Ki Yahi reet hai, haar ke baad hi jeet hai.. song plays, Sameer is surprised. His cousin ask are you listening to radio on phone, Sameer makes his cousin hear the song, his cousin says whoever has played this song, its the right time, Sameer says i am in no mood to hear this song as what Naina did to me was really bad.

Naina feels very bad too. Voice over of grown up Naina says those days your world would be devastated to hear such words from your first love, here her love story is yet to begin….

Next morning, Rakesh shows the new cricket kit to Arjun, Arjun is very happy, Naina comes to Arjun’s room and tells her brother that he will look so goos with his new set, she says we should click a picture, Taiji overhears this and informs Tauji and Chachaji how their younger brother who contributes nothing for house is doing unecessary expesnses for his son.

Rakesh tells Naina to get camera from drawer and take pictures, He asks Naina to see if there is rol left (Voice over of Naina says those days, we had to think about taking pictures as we were dependent of camera rolls of 12 or 24 0 36) for pictures.

Naina is taking pic of her brother. Taiji, Tauji and Chacha ji are behind, Tuajiu asks Rakesh where did he get money for this new set, Rakesh says i had some and took some credit from friend. Taiji again taunts taunts that what will people says that your elder brother is such a big lawyer and your other brother is a big CA, yet you took credit and ruined their image, Chacha says you could have asked me for money, Rakesh says i went to elder brother but he refused, Tauji says yes i refused and what you did is not right, he leaves the room.

Rakesh holds his son by his shoulders and says i am doing all of this for you, you have to the head boy of school at any cost, Arjun is tensed and so is Naina.

Again late in the night Naina comes out in the hall to go to call Sameer, she sees Chacha ji sleeping on couch next to phone, she goes inside, she waits for sometime to see if Chachaji is gone, she hears some noice in balcony, she goes to check and aks who is it, she sees Sameer climbing up the Balcony and reaching out to her, she says YOU, he says yes, She says how did you come, he says my friends gave me staircase and i climbed, she sees his friends down, she says why did you have to risk your life, he says if only you can give me your hand so i cam step in and not lecture me please, she is shy to hold his hands and holds his hands to help him come into the balcony, she says if anyone sees you, then.. she tells him to come inside the room.

She asks him why are you here, if anyone sees you i will be in trouble, he says why did you lie to your father that is was pressurizing you to help me study, she says i am sorry, i couldn’t say much in front of my father, i am sorry, but truth is that i want to help you, he asks why do you want to help me, she says because I… I…. because we…. we… and stops, he says if you want to really help me, then please tell you father that i din’t do anything.. come lets go and say.. he drags her out of room, her father Rakesh sees them and slaps her…Naina wakes up from her sleep and is shocked!

She gets out of bed to see in balcony.

Voice over says that day i wishes if Sameer was in the balcony as i was ready to take a slap for him being in love with him.

YUDKBH Precap:

Naina offers curd and sugar mixture to Sameer as good luck for his cricket match, Sameer says you should better give this your brother!

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