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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 01 August 2018 Written Update YUDKBH Written Episode

Sony TV Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 01st August 2018 Written Episode, YUDKBH Written Update, Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai updates

Today’s (01.08.2018) Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode starts with-

Sameer has disappeared from the house. Poonam bhabhi says he must have taken a sanyas as he has gone to the temple. Sameer comes back home, from the mandir and starts talking about philosophical stuff. Munna Pandit tell mamaji that even Vishwamitra got distracted because of Menaka and now they will use the same idea.

Sameer narrates that now he feels he had gone so mad , but now he thinks that if there is no craziness, if there is no personality change, there is no devddas giri no madness the it’s not really love…Sameer laughs.

Chachi tells Naina to care of herself as her chacha chachi is not going to be there at their in laws place. Naina gets ready wearing a saree, she asks chachi if she really can’t refuse. Taiji comes inside and puts pallu on Naina’s head and tells her that these are manners. Chachi tells Naina that chacha cries the whole night and he couldn’t sleep. Preeti tells taiji that Naina wants to study more, taiji tells Preeti to shut up.When chachi and taiji go out Preeti hugs Naina and tells her to tell them the truth about her and Sameer,they will scold her but atleast she will be out of this new mess.

Naina narrates that on that day she was remembering all the panchatantra stories, she had learnt that God punishes the ones who hurt innocent and loving souls.She felt that this was happening to her because she turned down Sameer.

Munna and Pandit dance on Dhak Dhak karne laga in front of Sameer, Sameer thinks this is very cheap.Munna says wasn’t he the one who was dancing crazily on the song while watching Beta. Sameer explains that that was his bad Karma and now he is facing the effects.Munna Pandit are helpsell.

Taiji and Tauji clean and decorate the house for the groom’s family. Rakesh also comes home early and he is smiling.Taiji comments that this is magic. Rakesh tells Bela chachi to use old utensils as they might ask for dowry after seeing the crockery. The family comes to see Naina. Taiji is happy to see the boy, he touches the elders’ feet. Taiji is happy. The boy’s name is Sharad. Tauji asks him about his CA, Sharad talks about his boss Dilip Virani and how his boss praises him.Tauji is happy.

Munna Pandit get liquor for Sameer, Sameer sees it and says this is a sin, he can’t have it , he tells Munna Pandit to understand God and good Karma and tells them to have fruit juice instead.

Naina narrates that she never understood why the girl has to bring the tea tray because she doesn’t understand what the people see in the girl while she brings the tray, is it her balancing skills or how she walks and looks, Naina laughs and says now she feels happy that the tea thing is scrapped out and no girl has to bring tea and wear traditional clothes when the groom’s family comes to see her.

Sharad tells his mom that he wants to talk to Naina in person,his mom tells the others and tauji doesn’t agree but taiji gives a go ahead. Sharad talks to Naina about his boss and his praises. He notices that Naina isn’t even looking at him. He tells her to atleast look at him once as he is not a monster.Shard tries to start a convo with her, he talks to her about college , school etc.

Naina narrates that there was a time when the neighbors and relatives decided marriage sand the girl and the boy saw each other directly on the first night.Then there were her times when they were allowed to meet before fixing the marriage for 5-10 mins but now a days youngsters just come and declare that they  want to get married to someone…

Sharad keeps talking,Naina keeps thinking about Sharad.

Naina narrates that during those days girls had to pass an examination  ,the boy used to ask questions and the girls had to answer even if they didn’t want to as we didn’t have the liberty to say no and refuse to answer. Naina says thats he tried her best to fail the exam and hoped that Sharad will reject her..

PRECAP : 2/08/2018 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai- Sameer tells the family that he will spend the rest of his life in Pune…



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