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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 02 May 2018 Written Episode YUDKBH Written Update

Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 02nd May 2018 Written Update, YUDKBH Written Episode

Today’s (02.05.2018) Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode starts with early morning time,Mile Suur Mera Tumhara plays in the bg… Naina narrates that it was a Sunday in 1990s, everyone wake up late,relaxed schedules, and everyone chitchatted with each other.

and come to Naina’s apartment and get Naina’s attention,Naina is standing in the gallery.Naina notices a letter in Munna’s hand,she understands its from Sameer.Naina and Preeti go to get the letter but they don’t give it, till then Beena and Bela come carrying vegetables , Munna and his friend hide. Beena and Bela Naina and Preetito the shop to eat gulaab jamun, Munna and the other friend  are still playing around with Naina and Preeti .They ask Naina to give them gulabjaam first, they hide behind the motorcycle Naina and Preeti give theirs gulabjamuns to them ,Beena asks how did you’ll eat this so fast? Munna and aren’t visible to Beena and Bela. Munna and eat one more gulaabjamun,but they don’t stop there,they ask Naina to give them jalebi also,so Naina asks for it to mummy.Again she gives Munna and jalebis.Because the bill is huge, Preeti and Bela act like they have forgotten the wallet, so finally Beena has to pay the bill.

Finally Munna gives the letter to Naina. Shefali sees Arjun,she asks him where he is going,Arjun says I am going to get my notes,Shefali says I also want the notes I’ll come along. Arjun hesitates,Shefali says don’t worry uncle went out so he will not see you,Arjun says no no that’s not the problem.Then she asks him how’s his cricket practice going on?Arjun says good, Shefali finally says now that we go to the same college,can we go together?Arjun says yeah we can go.Shefali says no no not auto rickshaw, we can go in your car,Arjun says I haven’t learnt driving so well. But hopefully papa will give me the car atleast twice a month.Shefali says what only twice? Then she asks how is college,Arjun says I feel so nice,relaxed and focused. Shefali says thats because your papa isn’t there in college. Arjun thinks…

Vishakha’s doctor tells her husband that the reports are all well you should be happy.Vishakha says call Rohan and Sameer.

Sameer narrates that he was lost,he was very sad,he wasn’t thinking as if his brain was shut off and he stupidly listened to dadi, he could have simply gone to Vishakha’s room to see her nobody would have stopped him,but he didn’t because he was too convinced with dadi’s thoughts about him being a bad luck for his loved ones.

Sameer is hungry it’s night time he doesn’t find anything in the kitchen. Keshav tells him that we thought you will eat from outside and come home so nonthings left except for the morning roti.Dadi enters and says oh no you can’t give that to Sameer,Sameer is not like Rohan that he will adjust and eat it. Keshav says I can’t cook because then Vishakha ma’am will get up. Dadi taunts him and says parents can stay up for their kids that is okay, but we can’t expect the kids to help their parents and take care of them.Vishaka is seeing all of this from her room.

Rohan enters and says he has got parathas from Chandi Chowk so lets have dinner together.He sees the rotis and says eat this,he then takes a bite of his roti dadi immediately stops him and says its stale,Rohan says so what if Sameer can eat it then I can too.Dadi stomps off the kitchen.Vishakha is happy to the brothers bond well.

Next morning Sameer goes for playing guitar, he remembers dadi’s words about his bad luck. He isn’t able to play the guitar properly,Sameer narrates that I used to be so sad that sometimes even the live shows went bad. But Naina didn’t give up.

Naina again writes a letter to Sameer telling him that she wanted to see him and meet him in Delhi but it was sad to not meet him. Sameer reads the letter and cries. Naina writes another letter again. She writes that she can wait for him for 10 years also, this is the test of our love and we will pass it.Sameer is emotional after reading it. Naina calls at Sameer’s house but then she writes a letter to him and tells him that dadi picked up the phone so she couldn’t talk. She tells him to call at 4, she will wait for his call everyday.Sameer writes back saying that would be difficult but I will keep writing to you. He tells her to focus on the studies and he is also studying for the finals so he isn’t able to write very frequently.Naina reads and writes back that she hopes he will come first or second, but why do you write so less?You talk so much on the radio show then why not here?Sameer reads and says to himself then now I will stop doing this also, becasue then that will bring me closer to you and I don’t want that.He writes to her that he had taken up the radio job in the vacations and now he is quitting it soon.Naina reads this and feels sad that now she won’t be able to hear his voice on the radio also. She cries.

PRECAP:3rd May Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai-During the live show Sameer signs off by saying that love not only connects two hearts but also two lives and cries,Naina and Vishakha feel sad.

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