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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29 August 2018 Written Update YUDKBH Written Episode

Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th August 2018 Written Episode, YUDKBH Written Update, Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai latest news

Today’s (29.08.2018) Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode starts with Chachaji takas Naina to Sharad’s house, Sharad and his mum are happy that Naina will beg to forgive her, Chacha ji whispers Naina to do something, he says go ahead, Naina goes towards Sharad, she slaps him hard, his mum says how dare you, Chacha ji says i would asked Naina to forget that Shard had slapped her, but i wanted her not to think of a helpless woman like many women do. She could have slapped him even more, he breaks the marriage with Sharad saying my daughter is million times better than your dumb kid. 

Chachaji and Naina are walking back home, Naina says i have to tell you something, he says i too have to talk to you, but not now, when time is right, they go home. 

At home, Bela and Preeti are excited about cable connection, whereas Taiji, Rakesh and Taya ji are unhappy with it. Anand comes home with sweet, Tai ji says, how can you distribute sweets for breaking marriage and how can you be proud that Naina slapped Sharad, Anand shows Naina face with slap marks on it by Sharad, he says, how can we let her marry a guy like Sharad. He says today we all will go out for dinner at law Garden, Taiji, Rakesh and Taya ji leave as they do not get Anand and his decision.

Preeti hugs Chachaji and says you are the best and thanks him. Chachaji tells Naina that he has to meet Sameer, Naina is stammering with sameer’s name and asks why, he says to call Sameer and inform him to meet him tomorrow at the temple. Naina is tensed and tells Preeti, she says first Sharad’s episode, and now i will have to face Chachaji’s wrath as he has found out about me and Sameer, preeti tells her to call sameer and inform him first.

Naina calls Sameer, she asks him about his injury, he says, why do you, care, she says, if you care about me, so can i, she tells him that Chachaji wants to meet you at the temple, he says, now what does your family want. I will not meet him,Munna and Pandit overhear and are happy that Sameer will not meet, she says, its is Chachaji, you will have to meet, he agrees.

Munna and Pandit tells sameer what if entire family is gathered at the temple to beat you up, don’t you see movies like dil, qayamat se qayamat tak, sameer says, still i will go, Munna says what if her father makes Naina tie you Rakhi, Sameer, says i will not let that happen, i can handle this, i will go.

Later, in the night, both Sameer and Naina are tensed about Sameer meeting Chacha ji.

Next morning, Chachaji meets Sameer at the temple and says i always talk to Naina as a friend, i will ask you as friend, what is between you and Naina, Sameer is silent he says, don’t worry, friends can speak their hearts, please say, Sameer says me and Naina love each other, Chacha asks since when, Naina answers since school days.


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