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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30 April 2018 Written Episode YUDKBH Written Update

Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th April 2018 Written Update, YUDKBH Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (30.04.2018) Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode starts with Sameer is in tears with Dadi’s hurting words. Rohan comes and gives him Naina’s letter , Sameer asks him how did he find it, Rohan says he found it at Amrita’s place when the cops where taking him away and it fell from his pockets.

sameer hugs him, he reads naina’s letter and find out about the date of naina’s dance competition in his school. He goes on his bike and is very happy to meet Naina..tum hi ho humari manzil my love plays in background.

Naina is waiting for her tun to dance and for sameer too. Naina’s name is announced. 

Narrator Naina says i had participated in a dance competition which i never had done in my life, but i was more scared thinking what if Sameer will not come to meet me. She says that day i was also angry and thought i could do tandav on the stage. naina is on the stage and sameer comes on the backstage and sees her getting ready to dance on stage.

Sameer is happy to see Naina (YUDKBH theme music plays)…Naina trips on the stage and hurts her foot, her teachers runs towards her and curses her saying that i don’t understand what is your problem, you are always in some other world. She tells her whatever is your reason, it the reason for your failure today, can’t you see you are falling back, teacher says who ever in in your thoughts, its happening because him, last time you lost competition because you had to attend to Sameer’s Nanaji, Sameer is hearing this and seems to recollect what Dadi had told him about being bad luck for people he loves.

Naina says i don;’t know how i fell, Sameer remembers how teacher had punished Naina last time for losing in school competition and his Dadi’s harsh words that you love becomes a failure for the ones you love.

Narrator Sameer says at time some words will not only hurt you heart and brain but your soul, that day i believed Dadi words and after Naina fell i was convinced that Dadi’s words were true.

It is announced that Naina will get some time to recover from her injury. Naina prays to recover and sameer also prays for her to win the competition, he says i promise i will never meet naina if she wins. Naina remembers sameer’s words from the past that they have to be each other’s strength. Sameer hides from Naina.

Naina gets up and begins to dance on song patjad sawan…basant bahar… sameer is in tears as naina dances on the song about waiting for your love. she imagines Sameer coming on stage with a flute and joins her in her dance.

The song ends and everyone cpa,s Naina realizes she had imagined Sameer to be dancing with her.  She is sad as YUDKBH song plays in sad version. Sameer is crying as well. Naina’s teacher is happy with her performance and hugs her.

Its time for winner’s announcement, sameer prays for Naina. they are standing behind a common wall and iss to see each other. Naina Agarwal is announced as the winner, sameer is very happy as Naina takes the award. He again recollects dadi’s bitter words. Naina is happy yet sad as she misses sameer.

Naina comes out to look around for Sameer in his school, everyone congratulates her, but she is lost looking for sameer. 

Narrarotor Naina says these days we don’t play hide and seek games, but that day i wished sameer was playing hide and seek with me and would surprise me from behind. sameer sees Naina is looking for him. pyar ke mod pe .. chodoge jo…paas main tumhare hoon song plays in background. sameer is about to bump into Taiji who has clsed her eyes for sneezing. sameer hides from her too and she too misses him, she calls for Naina and congratulates her for winning, she gives her luggage bag to hold, teacher congratulates Taiji, teacher informs we have to leave soon for the train, Taiji says lets go, Naina has to change her dress too. Naina looks one last time for Sameer, she leaves while Sameer is seeing her go. she turns around, he hides behind a pillar. jeeye toh jiye kaise bin aapke plays…sameer goes back home his bike, his bike slides with a  stone on road, he stops 

Narrator Sameer says every love story has a villain in it. He says in our love story we had so many villains but that day i was my own villain, my though had become villain in our love story.

Naina comes back from Ahmedabad, Preeti receives her with excitement while Taiji argues with rickshaw guy, preeti asks Naina if she loved DElhi, Taiji says will you ask everything here only, preeti tells taiji to go ahead, they will come, Preti asks Naina aagin, where did she go in Delhi along with Jijaji (Sameer), Naina is sad.

Preeti asks her what happened, she says sameer didn’t meet me only, preeti asks why, naian is silent.

Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 01 May 2018 Precap:

Naina calls Amrita to check is sameer is alright, amrita says let me give phone to sameer, sameer is not ready to talk to Naina.  


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