Home TV YRHPK latest news: Mishti reveals killing a man to save herself

YRHPK latest news: Mishti reveals killing a man to save herself

YRHPK 17 July 2020 update: Abir stops Mishti from confessing her crime

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (YRHPK). It would be seen that Mishti apologizes to Varun for hurting him and says that she didnot intend to do so or spoil the function.

Mishti runs away from the everyone and goes out of the house. Abir follows her and finds out that she has gone to the police stations. Mishti gets much regretful of her wrong doing and decides to make a confession in front of the police inspector. She is about to confess but Abir reaches in time and stops her. He covers up the matter by his smartness.

Abir tells the inspector about his little fight with Mishti, which made her too upset that she reached the police station. He manages to convince the cop. Abir takes Mishti to his NGO while the family waits for them. Jugnu informs the family. Meenakshi doubts that something is not right with Mishti. Ketkti and varun get engaged. Meenakshi gets upset with Mishti aagin or taking Abir away from Ketki’s function and tells Parul that Mishti is really bad to snatch Abir from them.

Abir tries to calm down Mishti and consoles her. She reveals that she has done wrong by killing someone and hiding her crimes. Abir tells her that what she has done is not crime but self-defense. He tries to tell her that her confession can ruin everything. He will lose her forever and everyone will suffer. Mishti recollects how she had a fight with Abir went looking for him. Kunal sends Abir back to the resort to be with Mishti while she is searching for him. Abir was also looking for her after Kunal sends him back to her.

A eve-teaser finds Mishti alone and ltries to take advantage of her. She asks the to stay but he insults her. She defend her respect and fights back to save her dignity. She hits a stone on his head and ends up killing him. As the guy was already too drunk, he faints down and dies.

Abir reaches Mihsti and finds the guy dead. He finds out that guy had tried to molest Mishti and she how she saved herself. He tells her she has done anything wrong. They leave the place before the cops arrive.

Mishti wants to confess her crime. Abir convinces her that if she gets jailed then he would confess to the crime, he would also get ready for death sentence, is she dies. Mishti is much shocked with the thought. He scares her for his life and well-being to stop her guilt. He promises to always protect her.

Meenakshi remains much upset with Mishti. Abir brings Mishti home. Meenakshi controls her anger and accepts Mishti’s apology for Abir’s sake.

Varun will be targeting Abir and Mishti to seek revenge for his brother’s death.

Keep reading this space for latest news and gossips of YRHPK.

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