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YRHPK spoilers: Kuhu’s accident, Big shocker for Abir and Mishti ahead

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar ke upcoming twists, YRHPK written update

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (YRHPK) on Star Plus. It will be seen that Abir and Mishti have a heart to heart conversation. Abir shows trust in her that she will fix everything. Mishti wants Abir and Kunal to come back home.

Mishti talks to the publisher about wrong cover picture. She gets an apology letter from the magazine editor for Kuhu and also change the picture so that Kuhu gets happy. Abir talks to Meenkashi about threatening Vishamber. He tells her that Vishamber did not know about their plans and should not be punished for his decisions. Meenakshi says that she had no option left as the society is mocking at them. Abir says that he does not care about the society.

Meenakshi tells Abir that he didn’t have to leave the house as she would have thrown Mishti and Kuhu out of the house and sort out their fights. Abir says they they cannot force things on them or throw them out of the house. He asks Meenakshi to give him some time to fix things.

Kuhu also thinks to fix everything. Mishti surprises her by showing her picture on the cover page. She asks Kuhu to help her to bring back Kunal and Abir. Kuhu decides to join hands with Mishti in fear of facing Meenakshi’s wrath. They find it difficult to get a cab and walk along the road. Kuhu gets badly injured as gets hit by a heavy wood log. Her leg gets trapped by the log and starts bleeding.

Mishti tries to help Kuhu but finds it difficult. She calls Abir and Kunal for help but they think that they are doing some fake drama. The Maheshwari family also feel embarrassed thinking that the sisters are lying again. Kuhu cries in pain. Mishti tries all her strength get Kuhu out. She ignores her stomach injury in the process. She rushes her to the hospital.

Abir gets to know that Mishti has fixed her publication error and tried genuinely to make amends with Kuhu. He thinks may be Mishti and Kuhu are really in trouble. He checks Mishti whereabouts on his phone and gets to know that she is in a hospital. Kunal also gets a call from the hospital for Kuhu’s injured state. Abir and family rush to the hospital.

Mishti takes care of Kuhu while ignoring her stomach pain and injury. Abir and Kunal get happy to see Mishti and Kuhu’s union in tough time. Abir apologizes to Mishti and wants to go back home with her.

Abir and Mishti will soon get a shocking news that Mishti will never be able to conceive again. It would be revealed that during her fight with Varun, Mishti had suffered internal injury which got worse when she exerted herself while trying to save Kuhu.

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