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YRHPK spoilers: Nirmala insults Mishti, Ketki’s pregnancy ahead

YRHPK upcoming story: Varun’s mother Nirmala calls of Ketki and Varun’s marriage alliance

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Star Plus serial Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (YRHPK). It would be seen that Varun mentions about his brother with Abir again and how much he misses him. Abir promises Varun that he will be always there for him and tells him that he misses his brother Kunal too.

Nirmala humiliates Mishti in front of Meenakshi. She asks Meenakshi about her son Abir leaving the family. She taunts Mishti she will be blamed if Abir leaves his family and she will be called a home breaker. She says that she would not want Ketki to learn such things from Mishti. She asks her to make Abir attend the wedding to stop ruining the name of Rajvansh family. Meenakshi does not say anything as she too wanted to say these things to Mishti.

Mishti takes this humiliation and remains silent for the sake of the family. Abir overhears Nirmala’s taunts. He takes a stand for Mishti and clears that Mishti is not the reason behind his decision to leave the family. Nirnala and Abir get into an heated argument and she calls of Varun and Ketki’s marriage.

Varun tries to convince Nirmala to reconsider her decision as it is very important for him to marry Ketki. Nirmala leaves Rajvansh house out of anger. Abir and Mishti get blamed for ruining Ketki’s life.

Mishti feels bad that Abir is being so stubborn and tells him that she wants to stay with faily and attend Ketki’s wedding. Abir dreams of telling the truth to Mishti that Karan is Varun’s brother. He imagines her of having her panic attacks again and decides to keep it a secret. Mishti misunderstands Abir.

Ketki is upset with Abir for supporting his wife and not his sister. She talks to Varun over a video call and faints down. Varun rushes to meet her and gets the doctor. Thee doctor informs them about Ketki’s pregnancy. Everyone is left shocked. Varun takes the responsibility of his child.

Abir decides to apologize to Nirmala for Ketki’s sake. She once again insults Ketki and Rajvansh family. Abir also looses his calm and gets much closer to tell her the truth about her son Karan’s bad character.

What will happen next? Will Abir reveal the truth? Will Ketki get married to Varun? We will have to wait and watch!

Stay tuned to this space for latest news and gossips of YRHPK.


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