YRHPK update: Kuhu tries to postpone Mishti and Abir marriage

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (YRHPK) on Star Plus. It would be seen that Abir and Mishti decorate their wedding mandap and rehearse for their marriage rituals. They get happy to know that they will become Mishbir soon.

Meanwhile, Maheshwaris meets Rajvansh family and discuss about Kuhu and Kunal’s divorce. Kunal admits that he loves Kuhu and want to be with her and he will divorce her if her happiness in in getting separated. Kuhu expresses that she also love Kunal and does not want to divorce him.

Both the families get happy that the Kuhu and Kunal have united. Kuhu thanks Meenakshi for giving her the confidence that she is a part of their family. Kuhu and Kunal also decide to get married along with Mishti and Abir.

Kuhu wants to feel special and get all the attention. She makes a shocking demand that she wants to get wedded in Mishti’s mandap. The Rajvansh family accepts her wish. Vishamber and Rajshri feel that it is not fair for Mishti. Abir and Mishti get to know that Kuhu and Kunal have called off the divorce and will marry with them. Mishti agrees to Kuhu’s demand and lets her marry in the mandap. Kuhu is much surprised but doubts Mishti’s intentions.

Abir cheers everyone up by saying that he not interested in the mandap and is ready to elope and marry Mishti. Vishambers says that Kuhu and KUnal will marry after Mishbir marriage. Kuhu feels that Mishti is till getting all the attentions from the family. She does not want to be the second person in the family. Kuhu asks the family that she wants to marry Kunal first.

Abir decides to get Meenakshi to attend the marriages for Kunal’ss sake as he misses her. Kuhu plans to delay the mahurat so that Mishbir’s marriage gets postponed. However, Mishti and Abir will get married despite all the hurdles.

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