YRHPK update: Meenakshi gets Parul arrested

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (YRHPK) on Star Plus. Vishamber gets upset as Kunal gets Abir to Maheshwari house. Kunal tels him that Abir has come to help Kuhu in her event work and he plays dhol well too. Vishamber tells them that they don’t need any dhol for any their function. Kuhu and Kunal get a warning from Vishamber.

Nannu overhears Vasrha asking Rajshri if she can forgive Abir now that he has realized and accepted his mistake. He gets confused too and decides to talk to Abir.

Meenakshi gets upset that her family has left her alone and her own father does not see her pain when she is hurt. Parul disrespects her too which makes her more sad and upset.

Abir says sorry to Nannu for his mistake. Nannu tells him that he is too late to come back. He thinks that Mishti does not deserve Mishti. Nannu asks Mishti if she cares about Abir’s presence around her. She says no while she does get affected. She wants to move on with Nannu for the sake of her promise to Vishamber.

Nidhi shows her support to Meenkashi but instigates her. She blames Mishto for all of Meenakshi’s problem and also tells her that she has shown a big heart by keeping Parul in the house. She suggests Meenashi to throw Parul out of the house.

Khu scolds Kunal for bringing Avir home. Kunal and Abir convince her to help Abir win back Mishti. Kuhu gets Mishti to the market to meet Abir.

Meenakshi takes a big step against Parul. She calls the police home and gets Parul arrested. She informs inspector that Mehul was responsible for the scam and Parul was involved in it. Abir and Kunal are much shocked with Meenakshi’s move.

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