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YRHPK update: Mishti confesses killing Karan, Meenakshi to support her

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11 August 2020 written update, YRHPK latest news

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (YRHPK) on Star Plus. It would be seen that Varun keeps pressuring Abir amid the sangeet function. Mishti remains puzzled with their banters. She gets happy to see hr family attending the sangeet function.

Abir asks Kunal to dance in the sangeet function for Ketki’s sake. Everyone enjoys the Sangeet function. Varun takes Abir aside. Mishti sees this and follows them. Varun asks Abkir to make Mishti confess her crime else he would end his relationship with Ketki. Abir tries to make him understand that Karan was wrong as she tried to molest Mishti and she killed him in self defense. Varun is not ready to understand anything and calls Abir a big liar. He tells Varun that Mishti has been in trauma for the past three months and not to punish her any further.

Varun asks Abir to choose between Ketki and Mishti. Abir begs him not to do this. Mishti stops Abir from begging in front of Varun. She tells Abir that he is her pride and she will not let him down. She decides not to make Abir and Ketki suffer any more and goes to make a confession. She stops the music and gets everyone’s attention.

She tells everyone about how she has been in a trauma for the last three months and how she was not unwell physically but mentlaly. She confesses of killing Karan. Everyone is shocked. Abir asks her to stop making the confession. She does not stop as she is exhausted with this burden of guilt. She does not want Abir to get punished because of her. She apologizes to Varun’s mother and asks her not to punish Ketki for her crime.

Nirmala tells Meenakshi that Mihsti has to get jailed for her crime else she will break Ketki and Varun’s marriage alliance. Varun and his mother leave. Mishti breaks down. Meenakshi and Rajshri comfort her. They question Abir why he didn’t tell them all of this earlier. Abir tells them how Mishti gets blamed for everything wrong that happens. He mentions how Kuhu keeps picking fights with Mishti and blames her and how she has received hatred ever since their return. He tells them that Karan tried to molest Mishti and she killed him only in self defense. He says not Karan, but Mishti is the victim.

Meenakshi tells Abir that he need get there support earlier, but now she assures to protect Mishti. Abir gets happy as the family supports him. Meenakshi and Kunal will help Abir to prove Mishti is innocent.

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