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YRKKH 18 August 2020 update: Kirti hides a secret from Naksh

YRKKH latest news: Goenkas and Singhanias get into fight over Kartik’s fury against Naira

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) on Star Plus. Naksh tells him to get their mom back from dead if he expects Naira to bring Manish back to normalcy. He tries to make him realize that he cannot always blame Naira for all the small and big things that go wrong in their lives. he reminds him how Naira has always shown a big heart and forgiven his big mistakes.

Kirti tells Kartik that he is wrong to blame Naira and repeat the mistake done by Suwarna in the past. She tells him that accidents happen and it is not in anyone’s control. She also defends Kartik saying that Kartik had served punishment for Akshara’s accident when he was innocent and tried to save Mansi. She reminds Naksh that Naira didn’t show any faith on Kartik then. She says the same things is happening now as Kartik is unable to think right in his sorrow. Kirti and Naksh get into an argument.

Gayu also keeps her point and stands in support of Naksh and Naira. Naira sees family relations getting affected and asks everyone to stop fighting. She breaks down. Nasks comforts her while Kartik remains unaffected. Kirti tells Kartik that they have to remain strong for Manish.

Naira also says that they should focus on Manish’s health and make him better soon. Dadi feels bad that Kirti has come home after a long time and has witnessed all of this. Devyani thinks that Dadi is blaming Naira again. They get into an argument. Dadi blames Devyani of siding her kids Naksh and Naira to be right always while Kriti and Kartik to be wrong. Suwarna asks them to their argument. She asks everyone to be united for Mansih’s sake.

Later, Dadi calls Guruji to find a solution to their problems. Akhilesh tells Samarth that Kartik has to step up and take care of business as they will go bankrupt again.

Naksh and Kirti apologize to each other over their argument and they have a romantic moment. He asks her about Krish and why she has come alone. Kirti hides a secret. She doesn’t want to tell him anything about Krish.

Manish insists to play out, Kartik stops him. Naira takes Manish out to play against Kartik’s wish. Doctor advises Kartik to stop treating like a patient and just try to have a normal atmosphere. Kartik finds Manish happy with Naira and realizes his mistake. Suwarna and Surekha wish Kartik and Naira to get together and help Manish to get well soon.

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