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YRKKH 21 August 2020 update: Chori stays in Goenka house, Janmashtami celebrations ahead

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) latest news: Kartik and Naira to dance together as Radha and Krishna

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) on Star Plus. The police inspector comes to Goenka house. Chori does not want to leave. Naira is also in a fix as she cannot let Chori stay in Goenka house against family member’s will.

The cop informs Naira that he has been unbale to find a suitable hostel or a NGO for Chori and needs some time. Naira tells the cop to take his time. Kartik also wants the Chori to have secure place to stay. The inspector tells Naira that she has not committed a crime and does not have to take the girl’s responsibility. Chori tells her sad story of how she is orphan and homeless. She begs Naira to stay with her and promises to do household work. Naira does not support child labour.

Kartik agrees to let Chori stay in Goenka house until a secure place is found for her. Kartik and Naira think of giving guest room to Chori for her stay.  Naira is thankful to Kartik to understanding Chori’s situation.

The police inspector informs Kartik about the gang that stole their baby. Kartik tells him that he does no know if their daughter is alive and does now wish to know about this gang.

Naira warns Chori from making any mistake else she won’t be able to keep her in the house. Chori calls Naira her mom. Naira gets emotional. Chori sees Manish playing a video game and asks him to give her. She snatches the game from him when he does not give her. Manish falls down the stairs and gets hurt. The family gets tensed seeing Manish hurt. Kartik calms Manish and tells him that he is strong boy. Naira tells Chori that Manish is ill and she should be careful. Chori says he is not ill, he is crazy. Kartik overhears this and gets upset. He asks Chori not to call his dad mad and warns her against hurting Manish. Chori gets scared of Kartik as he warns to her throw out on her next mistake.

Goenka family gears up for janmashtami celebrations. Naira prays that family regains the lost happiness while Kartik wishes Manish’s recovery. Manish goes missing. Kartik finds Manish in a terrible state and gets hurts while trying to control him. Manish insists to read a book. Naira comes with an idea to make him see the photo album.

Manish recollects Kartik and Naira’s dance as Radha and Krishna from the past. Dadi and family gets hopeful. They asks Kartik and Naira to perform Radha and Krishna once again and may be it could help in Manish’s recovery. Kartik and naira agree.

Chori enjoys in Goenka house and wishes to stay with them forever.

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