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YRKKH 24th August 2020 update: Naira see Kriti with Aditya

YRKKH 24th August 2020 written update: Kartik and Naira dance together on Janmashtami

Here’ what will happen in today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) on Star Plus. Kartik drops Naira at the market. Naira is shocked to Kirti with Aditya and wonders why is she secretly meeting him. Naira tells Kartik that she has just seen Kirti with Aditya. Kartik does not see Aditya as she leaves by then

Kirti sees Kartik and Naira and gets scared. Naira asks Kirti about the person in the car with her. Kirti lies to her that she was alone and gets much tensed. Dadi calls Kartik and asks him to come him soon as Manish gets out of control. Kirti also goes along with Kartik and Naira to Goenka house.

Kartik and Naira find Manish with their picture. Kartik gets happy when Manish remembers Naira and his dance. Dadi asks Manish to recollects more. Suwaran too tries to connect with Manish. Kartik asks everyone not to pressurize Manish, seeing him getting stressed. The family gets hopeful about Manish’s recovery.

Dadi asks Kartik and Naira to once again dance together as Radha and Krishna as it can help Manish with his memories. Kartik and Naira agree for sake of Manish. Naksh meets Kirti and tells her not to worry about Manish. He asks her about being late. She lies to him that she was buying gift for Manish. Naira wonders why is Kirti di lying.

Chori decorates the swing for janmasta mi celebrations. She goes to have sweets. Dadi scolds her. Chori thinks Dadi to be a very rude lady and still stakes the sweets anyways. Kartik and Naira talk to Kairav. Everyone gets emotional and miss him. Chori sees kartik and Naira’s love for Kairav and imagines to get their love as their daughter. She prays to God for wish to come true.

Kairav sees Chori and asks Kartik and Naira about her. Naira tells him that Chori is staying with them. Kairav tells that Chori should not take his place in their hearts. Kartik tells him that it would never happen and they will always love him.

Kartik and Naira perform the dance for Manish’s sake.

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