Home TV serial spoilers YRKKH 28th August 2020 update: Kartik surprises Naira on her birthday

YRKKH 28th August 2020 update: Kartik surprises Naira on her birthday

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) latest news: Naksh doubts Kirti’s weird behaviour

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Jai (YRKKH) on Star Plus. It would be seen that Kartik remains tensed about Manish’s surgery. He gets scared thinking what if the surgery fails. Naira asks family not to pressurize Kartik about the surgery and give him some time as he will think best for Manish.

Dadi takes Akhilehs’ opinion on the surgery. Akhilesh says that the surgery is good for Manish’s recovery but Kartik isn’t wrong either. Dadi prays for the family.

Chori tells Bhabhimaa emotional story about her sufferings in NGO. She wants to stay with Sighania’s in their big house. Naksh talks to Naira about Chori’s emotional drama. Naira talks to Chori and scolds her. She tells Bhabhimaa that Chori is smart and can fool anyone with her stories. Naira tells Naksh about Manish’s surgery. She asks him to tell Kirti to talk t Kartik. Kirti does not trust Naira. Nakshs senses Kirti being upset with Naira and says that he will talk to Kartik.

Naksh asks Naira about her birthday plan. She says that she would celebrate her birthday when Manish is fine. Dadi and the family get emotional seeing Kartik taking care of Manish like a father. Naksh asks Chori to join him for a party but she refuses. He tells her that Sudha would come to take her back. She gets ready when she knows its Naira’s birthday party. She decides to run away from the party before Sudha comes. Kirti does not want Chori to go to Goenkas and trouble Manish. Naksh sees Kirti having problems with Naira and says that veryone loves Manish equally and asks her not to punish Naira. He gets worried about her weird behaviour.

Suwarna wants Kartik and Naira to sort out their differences as she cannot let Naira suffer again. She recollects how she had blamed Naira for Shubham’s death. Kartik gets flowers for Naira at 12 in the night. He wishes her happy birthday with all his heart but does not speak to her much. Naira recollects her happy birthdays spent with Kartik.

The family surprises Naira with a birthday party celebration. She tells the family that they shall not celebrate, else Kartik will not like it. They tell her that Kartik has planned all of this. Naira gets much emotional. A man comes home and hand over documents to give to Naira. He says Manish wanted to gift this to documents of Akshara Dance Academy on her birthday. Naira gets much emotional with Manish’s gift.

She is not ready to accept the file. Akhilesh asks her to accept the academy as Manish’s blessings.

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